Pororo is an adventurous penguin of 5 years old who lives with his 6 friends on an island covered with snow and aims of flying.
Pororo and his friends are highly valued by Asian community
Now the Pororo has come to claim its rightful position at the top of the crypto scene.
From Asia to the Blockchain $PORORO
$PORORO is an exciting ERC20 token that pays homage to the charming and lovable penguin Pororo.

Originating from South Korea, Pororo have a rich history deeply intertwined with Asian Community.

This adorable Penguin, with his wrinkled face and playful personality, quickly captured the hearts of Chinese community. Pororo became cherished companions in houses.

$PORORO aims to embody the essence of this fascinating creature and bring their captivating spirit into the world of cryptocurrencies.
By investing in $PORORO, you become part of a community that appreciates the Pororo's history, loyalty, and charm.

As a holder of $PORORO, you contribute to initiatives dedicated to promoting the well-being and preservation of penguins.

We believe in giving back to these incredible penguins and ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve.

Join the $PORORO community and embrace the delightful world of Pororo.
888,000,000,000 $Pororo

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Phase 1
- Smart Contract
- Community growth
- Dextools
- Etherscan
- Partnerships
Phase 2
- CMC & CG Listing
- Press Releases
- Twitter Spaces
- Utility Development
Phase 1
- Marketing Campaign
- International Focus
- Tier 2 CEX Listing
- Further Development
From Asian to the Blockchain $Pororo
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