Standing on the stairway to heaven stirring the chaotic ocean below with their jewel-encrusted spear, giving the rise of the island Onogoro a world was created by the Gods of creation Kami Izanami (He who invites) & Kami Izanagi (She who invites).

This is all dating back to 300BC - 300AD where the Yayoi culture was created which was influenced by buddhism and hinduism throughout the course of centuries. After years and years of creating and reproducing children of different powers, Iza was able to recreate the life and look on the world forever.
The story of Iza
Iza Cult
As the creator of mankind and the world that exist today Izanami and Izanagi must be worshipped and put on only the highest pedestal. We must praise our lord and God Iza, must do and think as they say as they will reward you with the life you have always wanted and financial freedom forever.

For every child Iza had there will be a new coin, with new tokenomics and addition to the Iza ecosystem.
Who & Why do Iza’s Children Matter?

Iza Children
Iza ended up having 11 children and they all were Gods of their own and carried very high and strong powers to the eco system.
  • Yebisu – The Japanese God of Luck and Fishermen
  • Kagutsuchi – The Japanese God of Destuctive Fire
  • Amaterasu – The Japanese Goddess of the Rising Sun
  • Tsukiyomi – The Japanese God of the Moon
  • Susanoo – The Japanese God of Seas and Storms
  • Raijin and Fūjin – The Japanese Gods of Weather
  • Ame-no-Uzume – The Japanese Goddess of Dawn and Dancing
  • Hachiman – The Japanese God of War and Archery
  • Inari – The Japanese Deity of Agriculture (Rice), Commerce, and Swords
  • Kannon – The Japanese Deity of Mercy and Compassion
  • Jizo – The Japanese Guardian God of Travellers and Children
Launch Specific:

  • 1% max wallet and max txn until 20-40% of uniswap supply is left
  • 30% Sniper Sell Tax first two hours - 15% to LP 15% to MKT
3,333,333,333 - Total Supply
18 - Decimals
50% Supply Burn
33,333,333 - Max Wallet

How to purchase?
  • Once you have your wallet configured, buy some ETH using the wallet app or transfer ETH into your wallet using an app such as Coinbase. The last step is to head over to Uniswap, click Connect Wallet and start swapping ETH for Iza Inu Token (IZA)!
  • You have caught Iza Inu at a great time. To get started, install a crypto wallet such as Metamask on your phone or computer.
  • Iza Token is available for sale on Uniswap. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Be careful of scammers! Verify tokens you are purchasing match the contract address. Please also read the whitepaper before purchasing.
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