The Real Tail Of $RYOSHI
As a devoted patron and loyal supporter of Ryoshi’s legacy and a fellow OG Doge community member, “The Real Tail of $RYOSHI” was born with dedication to bring back the glory of Ryoshi’s unprecedented lessons. It is indubitable that the faith and trust within the crypto-industry is falling apart after series of insolvency and bankruptcy accelerated by poor practice of regulatory measures and the asymmetry of value sharing among key players in the industry. As a result more and more players are seeking short-term realized profits instead of prospering values towards the industry. After seeing countless of victimized population who lost critically, we decided to step up and lead the ethos instilled by Ryoshi.
“I am not important, and one day I will be gone without notice. Take the Shiba and journey upwards frens”
On par with decentralized collectivism $RYOSHI sought after, orchestrated movement is the pillar of $RYOSHI’s motto. We have already safeguarded the organic distribution of charts from early on due as we enforced the max wallet to prevent single-force attack from large holders. In addition we have successfully conducted safe and stealth launch to halt bot arbitration. Now as we are garnering more awareness around $RYOSHI, it is time to propose “proof-of-orchestration” or in layman’s term “proof-of-ants” in which we will discuss sequentially

It is apparent for most of projects, the one large “sell” order can create the panic among holders which lead to cascade of “selling”. Team questioned whether there could be an approach to revere-engineer the herd mentality. The rational we came up was reversing the “anti-sell” measures by applying the positive collectivism among holders led by team and trusted holders. It may sound not compelling but it works as we experimented the practices to properly apply at the differing stages of growth. Unlike other token community, $RYOSHI team proactively utilizes the “voice call” to orchestrate the lead. The logic is purely simple but works perfectly for chart movement. Whenever the price floor drops by <15–20% due to single sell order, the “ants” in this case “holders” will chip in 0.01–0.03 ETH ($17~$40) to create the linear buy walls which replaces the dip with small yet diversified buy orders. The key here is to align everyone’s interests with raids and forming collective actions like ants to move up.

All will burn $RYOSHI supply!
The Real Tail of Ryoshi rose from the ashes of another project, $TOR, whose Dev had abandoned them. Natural leaders of that community arose, after witnessing the strength of investors they had only come to know just hours before. A new idea was formed, one based off community, the best utility. With community as the core of their foundation, The Real Tail of Ryoshi was formed. Out of many, One!

Why the token was made
$RYOSHI was born after one and only Ryoshi and most importantly we are nobody but the echo of our community. Community is the most valuable asset of our movement and the echo will be heard and transpire to build the long lost legacy that Ryoshi has instilled in us.
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